Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Mr Bernard Membe
The government has said that it remains committed to the Palestinian liberation struggle, despite maintaining diplomatic relations with Israel.
Speaking to the ‘Sunday News’, an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said recently that the diplomatic relations have existed for a long time. “Tanzania maintains a consular office in Tel Aviv, while our embassy in Egypt takes care of all diplomatic affairs,” said the official.
He also said that the Israeli embassy in Kenya coordinates all the diplomacy between Tanzania and Israel. “The country’s political stance as far as the occupation of Israel remains clear that we continue to support a two-state solution that will see two states existing side by side in the Middle East,” said the official.
Reports from Zanzibar and some sections of the community in the mainland Tanzania show that there is a growing concern on the open diplomacy which has emerged between Israel and Tanzania in recent years. According to the sources in Zanzibar, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi’s recent visit to Tel-Aviv was highly criticized.
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