Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Rwanda’s Minister of Health
By Maria Kaitesi, 
The Ministry of Health on Monday, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Healing Hearts North West, a voluntary group that is here to treat people with heart defects.
The minister, Agnes Binagwaho signed the MoU with Hal Goldberg of the volunteer group.
Healing Hearts North West is a group of health care professionals from Washington that is partnering with King Faisal Hospital to deliver cardiovascular care and also deal with prevention and early treatment of Rheumatic Heart disease.
Among the elements stipulated in the partnership includes sustainability through helping with training of Rwandan medics in the area of cardiology, prevention and detection of heart defects and following up on patients among others.
The cardiologists have been partnering with the ministry for the last three years and this time, 16 patients with heart defects were operated upon.
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